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  12mm (1/2") WIDE BLADES

Ref. Length T.P.I.s Available
HP300 300mm long 18, 24 and 32
MC220 220mm long 18 and 24 tpi
MYT150 150mm long 18
MYN150 150mm long 18

Cengar green oil is a low viscosity oil developed to provide essential lubrication. It emulsifies with water found in air lines and contains a rust inhibitor to prevent corrosion when the saw is not in use. Cengar green oil is ideal for all air driven tools and equipment and is available in visible strip plastic bottles 250ml (8 1/2 fl. oz.), 5 litre ( 1 1/3 gal.) and 25 litre (6 2/3 gal.) plastic containers and 210 litre (55 1/2 gal.) steel drums.


A specially developed oil used to remove dirt, moisture, and oil residue quickly from the inside of all air tools and motors. This "service in a bottle" reduces the need to dismantle tools and is available in 50ml. (1.75 fl. oz.) dropper bottle, and 1 Litre (35 fl. oz.) containers.