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Zones 1, 2, 21 and 22  

Product Information

The LinkEx™ LED Temporary Luminaire is a high power LED leadlamp for use in short-term lighting installations and maintenance tasks and is CE marked to the ATEX Directive and IECEx Certified for safe use in Zones 1 and 2 potentially explosive gas and dust atmospheres, where a T3 temperature class permits.

Providing high quality ambient lighting, each unit utilises two arrays of high power LEDs offering brilliant white light output, high reliability, low maintenance 'fitted for life' light source, and power savings allowing longer cable runs and more lights powered from a single supply. Luminaires are supplied in '180' format (arrays side-by-side) to give effective unidirectional illumination or in '360' format (arrays back-to-back), to special order, to give effective omni-directional 'all round' illumination.

The unit’s construction is lightweight, compact and highly robust, with impact resistant end caps and tube (with anti-static and light diffusing coatings) plus the high visibility shock absorbing bump rings are chemical resistant and minimise the risk of drop damage, all ideal for handling in demanding conditions. Units can be fitted with integral ATEX sockets allowing multiple lamps to be quickly and safely connected and positioned in a chain whilst energised.

Available in two voltage input ranges: high voltage 85-264V AC for general applications and low voltage 19-28V AC/DC for use in confined space applications, such as metal tanks, with a higher risk of electric shock. The wide input voltage ranges maximise usability and safety for chains of multiple lights or for long cable runs, where supply voltage can drop. For added confidence, it incorporates a SOVI (Safe Operation Voltage Indicator) monitor showing when voltage is safe (within) or unsafe (outside of limits).


Wolf LinkEx LX-400
180 or 360
Peak Luminous Intensity at 2.5m 109 lux, at 5m 30 lux


Product Reference


Product Description

LinkEx LED ATEX Temporary Luminaire

 Low Voltage (LV)

 High Voltage (HV)


II 2 GD Ex emb IIC T3 Gb (-20C to +40C)
Ex t IIIC T170C Db IP67
II 2 G Ex embd IIC T3 Gb (-20C to +40C)
Ex t IIIC T170C Db IP66*

Type of Protection

"e" increased safety, "mb" encapsulation,
 "d" flameproof

Area of Classification (Gases)

  Zones 1 & 2, Gas Groups IIA, IIB, IIC

Temperature Class


Area of Classification (Dusts)

 Zones 21 & 22

Max Surface Temp (Dusts)


Ambient Temperature

-20C to +40C


SIRA12ATEX3177X, IECEx SIR 12.0070X

Enclosure & Lens

Polycarbonate with Anti-static Coating

Beam Type

Wide Angle, Diffused Area Light

Light Source:   Type



Over 60,000 hrs

˜29W ˜32W

Up to 3250lm

Input Voltage 19-28V AC/DC

85-264V AC

Weight (Non-linkable)
3.0kg without cable 3.6kg without cable
Length (Non-linkable)


Ingress Protection


Included Supplied with lens protecting film and hanging straps

*Lamps fitted with Stahl sockets are IP54.
All information has been gathered under laboratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.
Changes may be made to the above specification without notification, details are available on request.