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Zones 1 and 2  

Product Information

The Wolf ATEX Temporary Luminaire is CE marked to the 94/9/EC ATEX Equipment Directive, allowing safe use in Zone 1 (Cat 2) IIC potentially explosive gas, vapour, mist and dust atmospheres, where a T4 temperature class permits.

The luminaire is suitable for a multitude of applications where a temporary light is required for extended periods inside a potentially hazardous area, but is particularly suited to use in medium and long term temporary installations, as a more robust alternative to Standard Ex Fluorescent Light Fittings.

The Luminaire uses two side by side, forward facing 36W T8 fluorescent lamps, and is available in versions able to be run from a wide number of different voltages (24V – 254V). It can be supplied with direct cable entries or fitted with ATEX plugs/sockets to allow the units to be instantly linked in series (plug and play), for quick and easy installation over a large area. Standard and emergency versions of this product are available, the latter offering a three hour battery back-up should power to the lights fail.

Unistrut compatible mounting points on the luminaries provide flexible installation of the luminaires quickly and easily by fixing in position on pipes, scaffold or a ferrous backdrop with magnetic fixings. A wide range of Unistrut compatible products are available providing a low cost solution for mounting the lamps.

Easy maintenance is a key feature of Wolf Temporary Luminaire range, re-lamping is simple and quick using standard T8 fluorescent lamps readily available from electricalretailers, the operation takes no more than a few minutes and can be done by a competent electrical engineer.

Rugged construction, and compact design allow lights to be connected together in the explosive atmosphere while energised.

The Wolf Temporary Luminaire is compliant with the ATEX Equipment Directive and certified to the latest standards, including ‘End of Life’ protection circuit ballast for enhanced safety, in accordance with HSE safety notice 8/05.

ATEX compliant transformers of rugged design and construction, are available, for use in or near hazardous locations.


Wolf Temporary Luminaire - LL-500
2 x 36W 180
Peak Luminous Intensity at 5m 138 lux
Peak Luminous Intensity at 2.5m 36 lux

Product Reference



Product Description

ATEX Fluorescent Temporary Luminaire




II 2 GD Ex emb II T4 Ex tD A21 IP66/67/68 T100C
II 2 GD Ex embd IIC T4 Ex tD A21 IP66 T100C (Linkable)

Type of Protection

"e" increased safety, "m" encapsulation,
"d" flameproof "tD" Enclosure

Area of Classification (Gases)

  Zones 1 & 2, Gas Groups IIA, IIB, IIC

Temperature Class


Area of Classification (Dusts)

 Zones 21 & 22

Max Surface Temp (Dusts)


Ambient Temperature

-20C to +53C






Polycarbonate with AntiStatic Coating, Protective Film Available

Beam Type

Wide angle, white, area light.
High output, high efficiency, low glare

Light Source:   Type

Standard T8 Fluorescent Lamps (Not Included)




6700 lm


Up to 10,000 hrs

Voltage Insulation

Class I


 220-254V AC/DC +/- 10%
110-130V AC/DC +/- 10%
42 - 52V AC/DC +/- 10%
24 - 28V AC/DC +/- 10%




1440 mm

Ingress Protection

IP66/67/68 (3M for 30 Minutes)

All products supplied with 4mm2 SY Cable and ATX plugs/sockets as standard.
Standard lamps will be fitted with polymer end caps - Aluminium end caps are available on request
All products supplied without fluorescent lamps.
Changes to the above specifications available on request. All information has been gathered under labratory conditions, the user must regard the values given as approximate.