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Everything as shown on the illustrated picture, and listed below, is packed in a strong plastic carrying case for easy transportation.


1 Makita Cordless Grinder 115mm with Battery
1 Spare Battery 18v Lithium Li-ion 3.0 Ah
1 Quick Release Disc Locknut attached to grinder
1 Grinder Side Handle
5 Rhodius Abrasive Depressed Centre Cutting Wheels 115 x 0.8 x 22mm
1 Rail Clamp complete with guide
1pr Safety Goggles
1pr Ear Plugs
1pr Rigger Gloves
Makita Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Grinder and Charger

1 Charger for use on a 13 amp Socket. Charge Time forty five minutes

Please Note: All of the above can be purchased separately

Optional Extra: Car/Van Battery Charger 12v
Charge time 60 minutes

Total Weight
Dimensions High
500 x 200 x 400mm
73 dB(A)
1.5 m/sec

1. Wear correct protective clothing – safety goggles, gloves, safety boots, ear plugs and
flame retardant clothing
2. Keep Abrasive Wheels in the box at all times to avoid damage
3. Use the Rhodius Depressed Centre Abrasive Wheels provided. ALWAYS check them for damage before use.
4. Keep box closed at all times


• Remove Grinder from box and fit fully charged battery and handle to it.
• Check spare battery is fully charged.
• Fit Cutting Wheel to Grinder correctly and tighten locknut down fully.
• Remove Rail Clamp from box, check it for wear and fit to Rail. Align guide with rail edge
• Wear safety gloves, goggles and ear plugs
• Keep Angle Grinder at right angle to the rail head and Clamp
• Cut a line along Clamp guide. Once line is approximately 1mm deep remove clamp and trim lip

Please Note: The Rhodius Cutting Wheels supplied can be used for other cutting applications