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Light Weight Rapid Development Self Propelled Rail Trolley

Our patent, flexible, modular Self Propelled Rail Trolley to meet a variety of needs in the rail industry.

The common chassis is suitable for all gauges with the fitment of gauge specific tailored decks. e.g. People, Emergency Response, equipment.

Uncompromised Safety, the trolley features Traction Control, Interlocked Deck/Chassis/Drivetrain failsafe and emergency braking, wireless horn.

Green - All electric, suitable for Solar recharging and complete with regenerative braking.

Sophisiticated yet uncomplicated

Closed loop velocity control.

Programmable velocity limits up to 30 km/hr.

Battery range up to 70 km.

Programmable acceleration limits up to 0.2g (2 m/s2)

Suitable for Safe, Rapid Manual Deployment

< 20kg lift per person with a maximum component weight of 40kg (2 person lift).

90 seconds for 4 operators to remove from track.

Low complexity, no tool assemble.