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About Us

Suppliers and designers of high quality Railway Track Maintenance Equipment including Master 35 Petrol Impact Wrench/Sleeper Drilling Machine and Tool Carrier, Special Square Drive Impact Sockets, Rail Gap Adjuster, Lase Align Kit, Stoneblower, Rusty Clip Remover, Air and Hydraulic Impact Wrenches, Rail Saws, Tie Tampers, Rail Drills and Hydraulic Clipping and De-Clipping Machines.

Maxim Power Tools (Scotland) Ltd specialise in providing advice on the most efficient and safe way of using our equipment and consumables in a number of industries;

Railway Track Maintenance
Tools, equipment and consumables to cut, drill, screw fasten, loosen and support rail sections of any size used throughout the world. We manufacture in the U.K. a range of impact sockets and extensions for use with petrol, hydraulic, electric, battery and air impact wrenches including special square drive sockets for use with track screwing machines.

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical, Construction and Public Utilities
ATEX certified air, hydraulic and electric tools for use in areas where explosive and dangerous gases may be present and reciprocating blades for cutting steel, composite and cast iron/concrete pipes.

Underwater Tools
Pneumatic and hydraulic: angle and axial die grinders, impact wrenches, rotary hammer drills, impact drills, core drills, reciprocating saws, sabre saws and all consumables and accessories.

What We Offer

  • Full technical advice provided before and after sales.
  • Equipment and consumables supplied from stock at competitive prices.
  • Workshop repair facilities for air, electric, hydraulic and petrol driven tools and equipment.
  • Whatever your need, we may have a solution to your technical or supply problem.


  • To provide our customers with informed advice on the most suitable equipment and consumables necessary, to allow them to perform their tasks efficiently, safely and economically.
  • Provide after sales support and build partnerships with our suppliers and customers.
  • Continually improve our technical knowledge.
  • Be aware of and develop new business practices.