The Master 35® will loosen any screwed fastener tightened by any other Petrol Impact Wrench.

  • Low Weight – only 18.2Kgs
  • Low Noise
  • Low Vibration Exposure
  • Low Exhaust Emission Levels
  • Low Fuel Consumption
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Fast operation
  • Network Rail Approval Certificate No. NP/PT/002299
  • LUL Approval Cerificate No. PE0071082
  • Channel Tunnel Approval Certificate No. PA/T022

We invented the Petrol Driven Impact Wrench in the 1970’s and since then have continually improved its quality and reliability to ensure our Master 35 Impact Wrench remains the best of its kind in the World.

The Master Wrench was specifically designed for use in a railway environment. It will remove/fit most Chairscrews and Fishplate Nuts in under three seconds and with our Safety Quick Release Auger Attachment can be easily converted into a Wooden Sleeper Drilling Machine.

Master 35 Technical Specification
DIMENSIONS Length = 600mm Height = 284mm Width = 452mm
ENGINE Two stroke/cycle Special Airtec EMAK 63.4 c.c. complying with EUR5 and EPA3 Standards
POWER 4.70 HP   3.5kW
FASTENER TYPE Bolt 16 – 32mm diameter
Rectangular all sizes
Hexagon up to 83mm
NOISE LEVELS Operation levels based on ISO3744
Acoustic Pressure (LpA) 101.7 dBA
Power (LWA) 114.8 dBA
Always wear ear protection
SQUARE DRIVE Standard 1″
TORQUE RANGE 500 – 2,500Nm approximately. It is possible to generate higher torques under special conditions. The Master will loosen any screwed fastener previously tightened by any other Petrol/Gas Driven Impact Wrench
VIBRATION EXPOSURE Vibration exposure is more important than vibration e.g. a low vibration machine which takes a long time to perform a task generates higher vibration exposure than a higher vibration machine which performs a task much more quickly.
The following data is based on practical on track testing carried out in the UK in February 2020
Fishplates / Joint Bar Nuts – 2.24 seconds
Vibration Trigger Time Minutes No of Fasteners Trigger Time Minutes No of Fasteners
Tightening 12.28m/s2 20 533 80 2133
Loosening 11.05m/s2 25 667 98 2613
Chairscrews / Lagscrews – 2.5 seconds
Tightening 11.90m/s2 21 504 85 2040
Loosening 14.72m/s2 14 336 55 1320
WEIGHT 17.9 Kgs
Old Master 35 Technical Specification
Bolt Capacity 16 to 32mm (5/8″ to 1 1/4″)
Torque Range 500 – 1800 Nm (350 to 1325 Ft/lbs) using five position dial settings.
Dimensions Length: 570mm (22 3/8″)
Height: 280mm (10 5/8″)
Width: 445mm (17 ½”)
Engine Two stroke/cycle Special Airtec EMAK 056 56 c.c.
Maximum free speed 12,000 R.P.M.
Fuel Tank Capacity 0.7 litres (1.20 pints)
Running time on full tank of fuel 60 Minutes.
Ignition Electronic Selectra.
Spark Plug Champion RCJ-7Y or equivalent.
Spark Plug gap should be 0.5 to 0.6mm.
Gearbox Fill with 0.25 Litres of Esso Spartan EP68, Mobil Gerar 626, Carter EP68, Merpoa 68, Valvoline 80-90W or an equivalent non synthetic 68 viscosity Gear Oil to half way up sight glass with Wrench in the horizontal position. Change oil every 12 months.
Impact Mechanism Fill with 130 grammes of Molybdenum Disulphate Grease, Castrol MS3, Klubern N12MF, Valvoline NLG1 #2 or equivalent Grade 2 quality.
Noise Acoustic pressure (Lpa) readings:
Idling: 87 dB(A)
Power (LWA) according to ISO 3746
Idling: 96 dB(A)
Under very extreme working conditions the machine can reach 103 & 112 dB(A) respectively.
Square Drive Standard 1“
Vibration Guide On extensive on-track trials carried out under the independent supervision of Loughborough University in February 2008 the undernoted results were achieved on loosening and tightening railway fasteners:
Fishplate/Joint Bar Bolts
11.2 to 11.6m/s2 in approximately three seconds. 430 bolts before reaching EU Action Level and 1800 to reach Limit Level.Chairscrews/Lagscrews
9.8 to 11.0m/s2 in approximately seven seconds. 240 screws before reaching EU Action Level and 1000 to reach Limit Level.The actual figures achieved can vary depending on operator technique and condition of Wrench, Fastener and Track.
Weight 18.3 Kgs (40 1/3 lbs)